About the Council

Chipping Campden Town Council has eleven elected Councillors.  They are:

Michael Allchin

Michael Allchin

I have a successful track record for getting things done in business and the community. I have lived locally for twelve years, and until recently commuted into Birmingham where I was Chief Executive of the Birmingham Assay Office where I implemented a successful diversification programme. I was active in the community too, as an elected Director of The Responsible Jewellery Council, seeking to raise the ethical, humanitarian and environmental standards of companies mining and trading diamonds and precious metals in the third world, and I was a Director of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter Community Trust that represented local views to Birmingham City Council. That included heavy input into a Neighbourhood Plan, something that Chipping Campden urgently needs. I am independent of any party. I believe local communities need to stand on their own two feet, act together, help each other and those in need, and get things done.

W.E.D. (Bill) Buckland.

Bill Buckland

I was born in Campden and educated at St. Catherine’s School and the Campden Grammar School whilst living in Park Road. I was immersed in the life of the community as a youngster, playing sport not only for the school but also Campden Colts and the Town’s second elevens in both football and cricket. Also I delivered groceries, helped with the Christmas post, acted as a cherry minder, was a Mummer in the early 50’s and had a Summer holiday job at the BRI. All this left me with a love for the Town, its heritage and its problems which, when I returned, led me to seek and be co-opted to a position on the Town Council.  I trained as an industrial chemist working in the UK, Australia and the USA. On retiring I returned home and live in Sheep Street with my wife Jill.

Clive Constable, Chairman, Traffic Management Committee

Clive 2 (2)

Born in Westminster, I lived in Surrey until 1992 when I moved to Chipping Campden with my wife and son.  My Grandmother was born here in 1893 and through regular visits I have seen a vast change. I was a Management Account, Traffic and Logistics Manager with BT plc and joined the Town Council in1995.  One of my major objectives is affordable housing whether rent or part buy (shared ownership) for the younger generation who have been pushed out because of high house prices. We need to attract investment for jobs for local people paying a decent remuneration. Campden is not solely reliant on agriculture but more on tourism. However to sustain and improve tourism a car park is urgently required. I have served on the Traffic Management, Standards and Finance and Planning Committees and was Chairman of the Town Trust which made many improvements to the Upper Town Hall including the provision of a new kitchen and toilets and proved that the Town Square was owned by the Town Trust and not Gloucestershire County Council.

John Ellis, Chairman, Finance, Standards and Audit Committee and Chairman, Emergency Resilience Committee.

John Ellis

I was born and brought up in Campden, and my wife and I returned here to live 30 years ago.  I retired from a railway management career in 1997, and became a Town Councillor in 1999.  Since then I have been at various times Vice Chairman, Chairman of Finance Committee, member of Planning Committee, and Chairman of Emergency Resilience Committee, in which position I organise a group of volunteers to improve the river and drainage channels through the town.  I also organise a twice yearly clearance of roadside verge litter, again with volunteers. I am Chairman of the Peelers Trust, managing the former Police Station.

Graham Greenall

Graham Greenall

My name is Graham Greenall and I have been a Town Councillor for the last 15 years.  I am a member of the Planning Committee, the Amenities Committee and the Emergency Resilience Committee.  I am a hands-on member of the Council and can be relied upon to pick the rubbish up after the bi-annual verge clearance, put the bunting and flags up and anything else that needs a pick-up and no fear of dirt or heights!  I am also known for my in the Cotswold Olimpicks as Chairman of the Robert Dovers Games Society.

Michael Haines, Chairman, Planning Committee

Michael Haines

Born and bred in Campden, I left to find work in 1964 and was lucky enough to be able to come back in 1994.  I was privileged to join the Town Council in 2007 to try to put something back into the community that I and my family have enjoyed for so many years. Interests – preserving and enhancing Campden’s heritage and character, maintaining a sustainable balance in Campden’s community through employment and housing at a cost local income levels can meet, promoting Campden to encourage greater business & employment in the town, re-establishing transport links.  Challenges – completing a Neighbourhood Development Plan to protect Campden from rampant developers, a car park to support local businesses & tourism, the removal of heavy traffic from Church Street and High street in particular where it is causing structural damage to the historic buildings.

Liz Hodges

Liz Hodges

I’ve lived and worked in Campden since 1975 and have been a Town Councillor continuously since 1984.  Town Councils have limited powers, especially over planning, but the powers and representation they have in other places can help. In that representational role I have been elected by the Northern group of parishes to the Conservation Board and the County Association of Parish and Town Councils. Like the majority in the Town I am opposed to large developments, we do need affordable housing for younger people as well as job opportunities. The work of the Parish Council is essentially to ensure that the provision of services are here for us all to enjoy, no matter what age or income. I cannot promise you to wave a magic wand and create the community you want, indeed that would be impossible because we all have slightly different views. But I can promise to listen to all sides of the argument and do my best to represent you.

Christopher Jones

Chris Jones

Chris has been a Town Councillor for twelve years, and served as Chairman of the Council between 2007 and 2015.

A Chartered Chemical Engineer, Chris moved to Chipping Campden from Gloucester in 1995 on his marriage to Alyson.

Bob King, Chairman, Town Council.

Bob King

Born near Oxford I feel privileged to be living in our unique Market Town for 12 years with my wife Jackie. We love sharing the Cotswolds with our children and grandchildren.

My experience chairing Company Boards and National Trade Associations, plus involvement with several organisations in the town gives me hopefully the background to understand, defend and promote the interests of the Town. Hence I am committed to good communication with and representation of the views of residents and I will continue to do this to the best of my ability if re-elected.

My primary Council focus over 7 years has been “planning”. I agree we need new and affordable housing, but I believe we must resist the development of major estates such as proposed for Aston Fields and Leasows, which would be highly detrimental to the character of our town. I have been heavily involved in presenting these views at Cotswold District Council and most recently responding to their Local Plan and forwarding our own Neighbourhood Plan.

Teresa Newman, Chairman, Amenities Committee

Teresa Newman

I was born in Cheltenham and educated at Pates Grammar School. I have lived in Chipping Campden for 19 years and I am married to a local man, Mike Newman.

I have been on the council for 8 years as Chairman of the Amenities Committee.  I was also a councillor for 2 years previously to that, before the birth of my youngest daughter, who attends Chipping Campden School Academy.

I have worked for the NHS for 27 years; 15 at Cheltenham General and now at Chipping Campden Surgery. My keen interests are local health issues, education and planning, especially with the pressures being put on the local community and infrastructure by developers and government targets.

Richard Orr, Chairman of the Town Trust

Richard Orr

I have been a Councillor since late 2012, when I retired from 40 years of globe-trotting in the tropics while working in the sugar cane growing and sugar manufacturing industry, returning each year to Chipping Campden since 1984 when my wife and I first purchased a house here.  Now as an elected Councillor I will try with more vigour to help in any way I can and to the best of my ability and experience, to promote the prosperity and protect the special character of our town.  I strongly believe the role of a Town Councillor is to represent the majority aspirations of our community and to lobby our elected representatives forcefully when deemed necessary to improve our environment and protect this special place where we all live. It’s as simple as that.  Therefore if there is something you feel strongly about and want help in getting your message across, then please feel free to contact me and I will listen with an open mind.


  • Road Closure starts today B4035 County Boundary to Clay Lane, Chipping Campden. Long diversion in place. More info @GlosRoads.

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