A free course to help you manage your money better and learn to budget, save and spend well.

Starting on Wednesday 4th October at 7pm in the Library, Chipping Campden, The CAP Money Course is aimed at everyone.

We all use money and, sometimes, it can run out of control.  This can lead, on one level, to temporary stress (where we overreach ourselves for a short period) or to a major financial problem (where we simply don’t have the funds to meet all our liabilities).

The CAP Money course teaches us how to budget our inflows and outflows so we can see any potential problems and then be able to deal with them.  For some this is just good financial planning but for others it will be the path that leads them out of debt.

So, we welcome everyone together on the course.  All personal information will be strictly controlled by the delegate and they only share data if they wish to.

In the event that a delegate is in serious financial difficulties then CAP have additional resources with which to help them.

The CAP Money course is not here to give delegates advice on what to do but merely to show them the potential solutions and allow them to make their own decisions.

The course runs for four Wednesday evenings in October/November and we recommend attendance at all four as the course builds.  However, this is not an absolute requirement.

To join the course or for more information contact Martin Pleasance on 07966 159037 or email at campdencapmoney@gmail.com

(Chipping Campden Baptist Church)