Chipping Campden Town Council confirms that its primary objective remains the provision of a suitable off-street parking facility and will continue to work to achieve this.  However, it recognises that this is a long-term objective, which will not mitigate the current problems of on street capacity in the town centre.  It is recognised that the capacity problem could be alleviated by reducing the amount of all-day parking in the centre, and the Council therefore supports in principle the development of a time-limited disc parking system.

The Council considers that such a system should comprise:-

  • Applicable on the south side of the High Street from the Police Station to Red Lion
  • Applicable from 0830 to 1730, Monday to Saturday
  • Time limit of 60 minutes, with no return for 120 minutes
  • Street furniture and signing should be minimal

These elements are not mandatory, and could be subject to variation during development.

The Council notes that existing schemes in other towns have been promoted, funded and managed by the local County Council, and that the cooperation of Gloucestershire County Council will be essential. A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) would be required from the County Council at a cost of £10-12000. The Council also considers that a full public consultation on a scheme should be undertaken before progressing to implementation.

The Council therefore resolved to work with all interested parties to develop a disc parking scheme for the town in line with the statement outlined above.

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