May 2017 ~ Local Police Report – Chipping Campden

For precise details of recorded ‘Crimes’, please visit:

May Police 1

May Police 2


  • Complaint against police
  • Lost or found Property or animals
  • Messages inc. press release
  • Police generated resource activity
  • Pre-planned event

Public Safety

  • Alarms ~ Personal, etc.
  • Animals/Wildlife
  • Awol/abscond from hmp
  • Civil dispute-not btw neighbours
  • Concern for safety
  • Domestic incident – non crime
  • Missing Person
  • Susp. Circs./Insecure veh./prems


  • Highway disruption
  • Road related offence
  • RTC Death / Injury
  • Rtc_damage only(inc animal rtcs)

Breakdown of incidents related to crimes dealt with by police over a three month period:

Incidents Related to CrimeFeb – Apr 16Feb – Apr 17
Burglary dwelling21
Burglary non dwelling28
Crime – other32
Criminal damage23
Theft – other22
Theft By Shoplifting21
Theft from motor vehicle22
Theft of motor vehicle02
Violence against the person21