The latest report from Chipping Campden Neighbourhood Policing Team was published today.

August 2018 ~ Local Police Report

Chipping Campden

 Number of incidents reported to police over a three month period:

Breakdown of incidents by type reported to police over the three month period:

Breakdown of incidents related to crimes dealt with by police over this three month period:

Incidents Related to Crime20172018
Burglary dwelling11
Burglary non dwelling22
Crime – other14
Criminal damage20
Theft – other23
Theft By Shoplifting11
Theft from motor vehicle62
Violence against the person35



  • Complaint against police
  • Lost or found Property or animals
  • Messages inc. press release
  • Police generated resource activity
  • Pre-planned event


Public Safety

  • Alarms ~ Personal, etc.
  • Animals/Wildlife
  • Awol/abscond from hmp
  • Civil dispute-not btw neighbours
  • Concern for safety
  • Domestic incident – non crime
  • Missing Person
  • Susp. Circs./Insecure veh./prems.



  • Highway disruption
  • Road related offence
  • RTC Death / Injury
  • Rtc_damage only(inc animal rtcs)


  1. Each ‘Incident’ represents a contact report made to the Police via email, 101, 999, , F2F with an officer, or at Stow on the Wold Police Station Reception. This being the case, it may be that a single event generates a number of incidents. An example of this could be a single vehicle losing control and damaging a number of properties which could result in a number of ‘Criminal Damage’ incidents.


For precise details of recorded ‘Crimes’, please visit:



For the most part, the level of crime related incidents reported to the police for Chipping Campden during the last three months appears in line with previous years and is running at about 0.28 per day in 2018 as opposed to 0.22 per day in 2017. The rise in certain types of reports, such as “Drugs” and “Fraud/forgery/deception”, primarily relates to intelligence reports supplied to the police by the parishioners of Chipping Campden; please see the above website for actual recorded crimes.


Despite a slight drop in the headline figure for such reported incidents, the year on year daily average number of RTC reported for Chipping Campden has remained at about 0.1 per day; about 90% of these being low speed non-injury RTC’s.


Despite a slight drop in the headline figure, year on year reports of non-neighbour/family ASB incidents in Chipping Campden have continued to run at about 0.02 per day.

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team in the North Cotswolds continues to take the concerns of the community, together with those of every victim seriously, and endeavours to provide the best service possible; however this must be within the resourcing constraints under which they have to operate.

We will not be able to attend every meeting we are invited to and on some occasions may have to cancel meetings providing little or no notice due to the nature of Emergency service demands. We will however always provide a Police Report which is designed to provide clear and simple information which can be shared with all those present at the meeting.

If questions are raised by those present please note the email addresses of the Beat Manager covering your area. He will be happy to address any concerns you have or that are raised during the meeting.

We will endeavour to attend as many meetings as we can but the new format of police Report combined with an up to date list of contact details will be provided for occasions we are not present.