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ACRE Covid Information Update

Jul 10, 2020

Please find below links to resources and the updated ACRE Information Sheet and appendices following the release of Government Guidance at the end of last week. Please note that this is the ACRE Networks information designed to assist and interpret the Government issued Guidance which is now part of secondary legislation.

We will keep the latest versions of the Information Sheet and associated templates and appendices on the GRCC website and will post news items when updated guidance is issued so please keep an eye on our website. If there are major changes we will send out updates using our Community Building Network mailing list, as I’ve said a number of times please ensure you are signed up (the link is at the end of this email), many of you have already done so.

ACRE Information Sheet Issue 3:

Government Guidance on multi-purpose facilities –

FAQs: During the five GRCC Re-opening Community Buildings Zoom sessions our team ran in June we mentioned a FAQ document. The key queries that came up are answered in the ACRE Guidance and there is a FAQ section on page 11 but here is a summary on the key topics you have raised with us. Please note that these queries are common across the country and there are not always simple answers.

  • Social Distancing: The Government Guidance on safe opening of community facilities emphasises the importance of ensuring “strict adherence to social distancing of 2 metres or 1 metre with risk mitigation (where 2m is not viable). I know many are confused about what this means and how it impacts capacity in halls. This is worked through in section 2.2 of the Information Sheet (page 4)
  • Decontamination Cleaning – please note that the need to close the hall for 72 hours before cleaning when you are notified of a suspected case has been removed from the guidance. Cleaners can go into the hall to do a decontamination clean as soon as they are notified that a potentially infected person has been on site. As testing, and track and trace, would take time, it may be best to close the hall and carry out a decontamination clean, rather than wait for a result.
  • Upholstered Chairs – see pages 7 and 12 of the latest ACRE Information Sheet.
  • Indoor Sports – It is now clear that yoga and Pilates are not allowable in community centres and village halls. This is the same for other exercise activities. There is increased aerosol transmission by doing such activities indoors. This is stated in the Government Guidance, link sent to you last Wednesday, section 3c There will not be a definitive list of activities that are not allowed.
    The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) has published some helpful guidance on reopening, including links to advice from various sports governing bodies
  • Play Areas – Some local authorities are sharing with Parish Councils and voluntary groups copies of the poster they are displaying on their own play areas, which may offer alternatives to the wording of the one in the Information Sheet and provide illustrations. It shouldn’t matter which are used but the key messages are needed: Do not use if unwell; wash hands before and after; keep socially distanced
  • Insurers – if you have decided to not open in the immediate future the feedback we are getting from insurers is they would like you to let them know. You also need to let them know if you are/have reopened. So either way, get in touch with your insurer and keep them updated.
  • Signage – Gloucestershire County Council have made available numerous social distancing signs you can use in your building e.g. 2m warning, one way notices etc.. These can be downloaded from the GRCC website here
  • PPE Bulk Buying – things are moving forward with the potential of a PPE bulk buying scheme for the VCS in Gloucestershire, we will send out information through our online channels and mailing lists once the scheme is launched.

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