Road Closures in Campden for Re-Surfacing

Jul 23, 2020 | News

We will shortly be delivering a surface dressing programme outside of your property. Signs will be erected on the road prior to works, informing you of the intended start date of the works, which will be completed within 36 hours of commencement. Surface dressing is highly weather dependent and dates are likely to change at short notice, please keep an eye out for local signage and take note of the dates that are stated. Programme and changes will also be published online and on our social media feeds:
– Website –
– Facebook – Gloucestershire Roads
– Twitter – @GlosRoads

In the majority of cases, to ensure the safety of road users and our workforce, the road will be
closed while the works take place. Pedestrian access will be maintained and short diversions will be
in place.

The operation is made very difficult if vehicles are parked on the road. Therefore, can you please ensure that your vehicles are removed from the road between the hours of 7.00am –7.00pm, to avoid disruption and enable the work to be completed efficiently. If you are going away can you please arrange with your neighbours that your vehicle can be moved at short notice to prevent any unnecessary delay and cost. If you are currently shielding and unable to remove
vehicles, please let us know.

Bus service
If you use a regular bus service which travels the road being surface dressed, there maybe disruption to this bus route. Please note, school buses will not be affected during the completion of these works.

During the works

Please do not walk or drive on the wet bituminous surface, as this may mark your shoes, car and driveways. If walking across the freshly laid finished road surface please be aware it may stick to your shoes and be transferred to carpets, internal floors and driveways etc.

“Important Note, please check your shoes and your pet’s feet before entering any premises as we cannot accept liability for any damage caused”

After completion

The road will be swept within 24 hours of the new surface being laid. Vehicles can be parked again in previously designated parking areas in the road once the street has been swept. Your help is also required in keeping the road free of vehicles when the sweeper returns after 48 hours and then approximately 7 days to remove any residual loose chippings. Any white lines that have been covered by the surface dressing will be replaced after this sweep.

We will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience. Should you have any queries please email us at [email protected]

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