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Chipping Campden Parking

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Chipping Campden parking is generally free, apart from in the town square right in the middle of the town, which is an excellent location (and central location) to explore the town and an excellent parking situation for visitors. The school Car park in Cider Mill Lane is available during weekends and school holidays, but is chargeable. If you drive an electric vehicle, then there are currently no charging points in town.

Whilst Chipping Campden has its fair share of yellow lines (where you are not allowed to park), we are a free parking town which means you can save money on parking in Chipping Campden.  It can sometimes be tricky to find a space, especially with high visitor numbers, but it won’t take you long to find a parking space with lots of street parking available, especially on the longest High Street in the Cotswolds.

How to Get to Chipping Campden

Town Square

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A Chipping Campden parking location where you must pay for parking is the square, which is the area between the Town Hall and Cotswold Luxe and which is adjacent to The Cotswold House Hotel.

You can pay using a credit or debit card. Blue Badge holders also need to pay.

There are 30 spaces, none for motorcycles. There are no cycle racks located here, although there are a couple by the roadside right by Bedfont House.

Charges apply between 7am and 7pm every day. It costs £1 per hour with a limit of 2 hours, should you just want to pop into a shop, then you can get a free ticket for 20 minutes.

The machine is located next to the Town Hall. It reverts to being free after 7pm at night until 7.00 in the next morning.

Hotel Parking

Chipping Campden itself does not currently offer private parking but if you are looking for hotel parking, then there are hotels with parking spaces.  The friendly staff will be able to offer you some spaces away from the street parking to keep your vehicle off the road during your stay.

Both the Noel Arms Hotel and the Cotswold House Hotels have their own car parks within their own grounds. The Noel car Park is accessible from High Street, whilst the access to the Cotswold House car park is accessed from Back Ends.

Chipping Campden Parking at the School

The Town also has an arrangement with Chipping Campden School, Cider Mill Lane, whereby visitors can use their car park at weekends and during school holidays and there are signs revealed at those times that advise this. This provides excellent on-site car parking.  It is also be used for coach parking and there are 2 spaces allocated for coaches to overnight in Back Ends, where there are a few more echelon car spaces as well. The Chipping Campden High Street is a 10-minute walk from here past the beautiful St James’ Church, the Almshouses, and the Court Barn Museum.

PLEASE NOTE – The school have recently introduced a parking tariff during the times available for Public Use. This is controlled by ANPR and you pay on leaving. The first Hour is free and chargeable thereafter. For more info click here


Dover’s Hill Parking

If you are visiting Dover’s Hill, our local beauty spot, there is a free car park up there maintained by the National Trust.  The walk down into the town centre from here takes about half an hour following the Cotswold Way footpath route.

Dover's Hill

Recreation Ground Parking

Our Recreation ground is accessible via Broad Campden Road and also has free parking, which is shared with the local Tennis club.

Other Known Parking Locations

Below, are two parking locations which some people use. However, we do not recommend parking here as they are dangerous to use but we mention them so that you remain informed.

Kingcombe Lane

Parking here is at the top of Hoo Lane, but it’s narrow and the traffic moves fast along this road. Parking here means you’d also need to walk along the Hoo Lane footpath which runs alongside a heavy lorry, bus and traffic route.

Also, nearby, the junction between Dyers Lane and the crossroads to Dover’s Hill is a very dangerous crossroads. Please be careful driving in this area if you are travelling in this direction.

The Narrows

You can also park your car at what is known as the Narrows. However, the parking is on a bend and the road is also a heavy lorry and through traffic route. Visibility is not good as you cannot see around the bend so you don’t want to be walking along this road.  We do not recommend anyone parking here.

Blue Badge Parking

There are spaces reserved for disabled blue badge holders, 2 outside the chemist at the junction of Church Street and High Street, and one outside the library just beside the space reserved for buses & coach drop off & pick up. One beside the entrance to Cambrook Court and one in the echelon parking in Back Ends by the rear entrance to St Catharine’s Primary School. This echelon parking is also the recommended parking for all visitors wishing to walk the Cotswold way, part thereof, or any of the other trails that come through the town like Monarch’s or Heart of England Ways.

Please Park Responsibly

Please Park responsibly at all times and avoid parking on the many grass verges within the town.  This helps protect the beauty of the town and damage to the walls along the High Street.

Tourist Information

If you have any further questions about Chipping Campden parking, then please don’t hesitate to visit the Chipping Campden Tourist Information Centre, your Campden destination experts where we can inform you of what’s on in town, things to do and places to visit like Hidcote Manor Garden nearby.  You can also pick up Chipping Campden maps from our Chipping Campden Shop.

Chipping Campden Tourist Information Centre

Chipping Campden is truly one of the most beautiful Cotswold market towns in the United Kingdom and we look forward to welcoming you.

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