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COVID-19 Numbers 8th January

• On Wednesday 6 January, England entered a national lockdown. This means you must stay at home, protect our NHS and save lives. See full details on the website.

• On Wednesday 13 January, a new community testing centre will open at the Friendship Café on Painswick Road, Gloucester. Early detection is the key to stopping COVID spreading within a community. Gloucester City currently have high levels of COVID cases.

The testing being offered use Lateral Flow Devices, which are designed for people not showing any symptoms (asymptomatic), but want to have confidence that they are not unknowingly infecting family members or work colleagues. They give results within 30 minutes, which means anyone who does have the virus, can take action quickly to help protect others.

Due to the current national restrictions, these tests are mainly for those people who still need to go out for work or to fulfill caring responsibilities

  • Look out for our lamppost signs reminding people that COVID cases continue to rise. If you spot one, please post on social media and tag us to help raise awareness that we must not give up and we will get through this together.

In Week “53”
(Monday 28th December – Sunday 3rd January):


New confirmed cases in Gloucestershire

The rate of cases in the last 7 days per 100,000 is 350.2 in Gloucestershire, 342.0 in the South West, and 591.6 in England.


Cheltenham: +309

Cotswold: +373

Forest of Dean: +260

Gloucester: +640

Stroud: +295

Tewkesbury: +305

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