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Nov 20, 2020 | Business Announcements

You will be aware that the government has announced further measures to help businesses through the latest lockdown. This includes extensions to the Job Retention Scheme and support for the self-employed.

A new grant scheme has been announced for those businesses required by law to close during the latest lockdown period, the scheme is called the Local Restrictions Support Grant or LRSG.

This includes:

  • All non-essential retail
  • Hospitality venues
  • Accommodation
  • Leisure and sports facilities
  • Entertainment venues
  • Personal care facilities

This grant differs from the grants for the first lockdown in that payment is not automatic, businesses need to apply for the grant.
This new grant scheme will be delivered via your local authority.

During this period a single grant to cover the four-week period will be paid to each eligible business. The grant amounts will be fixed. Businesses with more than one qualifying property will receive more than one grant.

The rate of payment for eligible businesses will be:

For properties with a rateable value of £15k or under, grants to be £1,334 per four weeks;
For properties with a rateable value of over £15k and below £51k, grants to be £2,000 per four weeks;
For properties with a rateable value of £51k or over, grants to be £3,000 per four weeks.

Further details of a second grant, the Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary) is expected later this month.

Please click below for each of the local authority areas in the county.

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