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King’s Coronation Street Party in Chipping Campden

Sunday, May 7th

The Kings Coronation Street party will be held in Chipping Campden on Sunday 7th May commencing at 12.30.

Chipping Campden, along with most of the country, will be celebrating King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday 6th May by holding a Street Party on its famous High Street. But, as most folks will be watching events on their TVs, our street party will take place on Sunday 7th May.

King Charles III became our Monarch once the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced on Saturday 8th September 2022. “The Queen is dead, long live the King”. He was proclaimed King on the 10th September. However, a coronation takes a long time to arrange, as world leaders and dignitaries need to be informed and invitations issued etc.. The last coronation was 70 years ago in June 1953 after the death of King George VI (The late Queen’s father) in Feb 1952. The Coronation will take place in London at Westminster Abbey, where our Kings and Queens have been crowned since 1066. He will be the 40th Monarch to be crowned here as the current building on the site is different to that used 900 years ago, having been largely rebuilt in the 13th century, with towers added at the west end by Nicholas Hawksmoor in the 18th century.

The Arrangements for the Chipping Campden Coronation Street Party to Date

  • Tables and chairs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Otherwise, folks will be welcome to bring their own. Register interest in attending on the Town Council Facebook event page.
  • Bring your own food and drink altho there will be outlets in the town available for you to purchase your own e.g., Munchies and probably Scoff & Co.
  • A road closure notice is in place for High St., between Sheep St and Church St junctions with the High St., so the road will be closed to traffic from 9am to 8pm on the day.
  • The Square will be closed, and all cars will need to be removed from Saturday evening 6th May to enable a large marquee to be put up to provide shelter in case of wet weather.
  • Please come in as much red, white And blue as possible, there will be a prize for the best-decorated table.
  • Entertainment will be provided by Campden Morris Dancers, St Catharine’s School Choir, Generation Jones, plus The Artichokes and Rosie T dance academy.
  • CCS Parents Assoc will be holding a “bake-off” comp to raise funds for the event.
  • Future info will be found on Town Council and Campden Noticeboard Facebook pages.
  • Volunteers are needed for help putting out chairs and tables, so please contact the Town Council at .
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8 Things You May Not Know About Westminster Abbey

1) Parts of the Abbey date back to 960 A.D. To differentiate it from St. Paul’s cathedral, it was known as the West Minster. Apart from the nave, it was torn down by King Henry III in the 13th Century and rebuilt in the Gothic style.

2) Interestingly, the Church of England does not control the abbey. It’s one of the “Royal peculiars” that fall under the Jurisdiction of the reigning Monarch, along with the Chapel at Windsor and a few others in |London.

3) It has hosted all coronations since 1066 except for Edward V who was only 13 years old and reigned for a few short months before being deposed by Richard III (and allegedly murdered by him). More recently Edward VIII abdicated before being crowned.

4) It’s been the venue for 16 Royal Weddings, the latest, of course, being that of Prince William, the Prince of Wales, and Kathryn Middleton, as well as King Charles III, before him.

5) It is the burial place for over 3,000 British notables and Monarchs, including the likes of Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Laurence Olivier, and Stephen Hawking.

6) The Coronation chair is over 700 years old, commissioned by Edward I to house the Stone of Scone he brought down from Scotland. Recently returned to Scotland, it is brought back for coronations. The Chair is thought to be one of the most famous pieces of furniture in the world.

7) 10, 20th Century Martyrs are memorialised above the Great West Door, these are people persecuted for their faith and represent every continent in the world. Including the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Ester John, and St. Oscar Romero

Christmas Carols

8) One of the stained-glass windows in the north transept was designed by the artist, David Hockney. It was commissioned to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and shows a springtime Yorkshire scene.

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