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Local Traffic Survey

Nov 11, 2020 | Community Announcements

Speeding both within the town and particularly  on Aston Rd and Station Rd has been a concern for many years. Two Radar Speed Checks carried out in Aston Rd, Station Rd and Westington Hill showed up to 78% of vehicles exceeding the speed limit with maximum speeds of up to 69mph recorded. And there are frequent complaints of speeding in Calf Lane and Back Ends. So what does the Town Council intend to do about it?

In August, we proposed a 20 mph Zone which would have covered all of the Town Centre and extending out to include Blind Lane to the West and Station Rd and Aston Rd to the East.  Unfortunately GCC Highways are currently only prepared to implement 20mph limits in  Back Ends and Calf Lane, although we remain committed to and will continue to press for a wider scheme.

However, any speed limit will only be fully effective if it is adequately enforced. With this in mind the Council have been investigating an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. Such systems have been recently adopted in Rodburgh and Bourton on the Water. Actively supported by Gloucestershire Constabulary they have been highly successful, achieving a reduction in the overall incidence of speeding from 75.2% to 15.9% whilst vehicles exceeding 40mph dropped from 12.3% to 0.5% in the 30mph zone in Bourton. Both these systems have been officially certified and fully comply with Data Privacy regulations (GDPR).

But such systems are expensive (approximately £10k capital + £1k pa licence/support fee per site) and would require perhaps 4-5 hours a  week to administer/manage. So the TC would welcome views on:

• the adoption of a similar scheme in Chipping Campden.
• how this should be funded; grants, residents, council?
• are there any alternative ideas?

To have your say, please complete the short questionnaire on the following link: https://forms.gle/a3RqwPneiAciPzNW8

Or email your views to the Town Clerk at: clerk@chippingcampden-tc.gov.uk

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