Netflix Filming in Chipping Campden

Jul 20, 2021 | Community Announcements

Netflix are coming to Chipping Campden on 28th July to 4th August.  This means there will be some disruption in town.

Schedule Update:

Shooting hours in Chipping Campden on the 3rd August to be on Camera from 14:30 to 23:00. Our hours on 4th August is from 12:30 to 21:00.

Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan Document 2

  • Our shoot days are the 3rd & 4th August which is when we will have the road closure I have discussed with you previously in place. Any deliveries scheduled for these two days please let us know and we will coordinate with our traffic management operatives to make sure they are received smoothly.
  • We will not be commencing physical filming until 12:00 midday, and all morning activity will pertain to setting up and crew travel time, so any deliveries scheduled for the morning should be largely unaffected by our activities.
  • Any customers looking to park will be diverted to the Primary School Car Park / Playground or other overflow parking areas we have arranged nearby to the high street.
  • We will have security and location marshals actively encouraging customers to come into the highstreet as we will not be restricting access to any of the pavements or shops. Once filming commences from 12:00 PM we may only ask customers to wait for a few minutes whilst we film a take, once we cut we will once again actively encourage visitors to carry on as they would usually.
  • Please see below image of the monument we will be constructing within the Market Square Car Park from the 28th July (Please note Market Stalls & Dressing Vehicles would be dressed in as last minute as possible)
  • We have arranged alternative customer parking at the rear of the Kings Arms Hotel, which will be managed by our security operatives 24hrs from 28th July to 6th August.
  • We will not be obstructing visitors from utilising other available parking along the highstreet, or within the Market Square across these dates. Neither will we be obstructing the highstreet itself.
  • Myself and security will be on site during these dates and as during the shoot, we will be actively encouraging customer and visitors to go about their usual business and will highlight the monument is for the purposes of filming.
  • We will not be obstructing pavements or access to any of the high street shops during this time.
  • Please inform me of any deliveries scheduled and we will do our best to help coordinatenetflix filming chipping campden

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