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St James Church

About the Chipping Campden Church St James

One of the most beautiful landmarks of Chipping Campden is the Chipping Campden Church of St James.  It is a grand early perpendicular wool church with its medieval altar frontals (c.1500), cope (c.1400) and vast and extravagant 17th-century monuments to local wealthy silk merchant Sir Baptist Hicks and his family.

The building consists of a five-bay nave, three-bay chancel, two aisles and a five-stage west tower. The interior includes medieval altar frontals (c.1500), cope (c.1400) and 17th-century monuments including a monument to silk merchant Sir Baptist Hicks and his family. The includes a plaque to William Grevel, described as “the flower of the wool merchants of all England”.

Visit the St James Church website at to find out more about this beautiful and iconic Chipping Campden Church located in the heart of the Cotswold town and which can be viewed for miles around.

About St Michael and All Angels Church

Part of the same parish as St James but located in Broad Campden, a lovely hamlet near Chipping Campden, is St Michael and All Angels chapel.  It is one of the oldest chapels in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the use of the Book of Common Prayer, there are two 8:15 am morning masses every Sunday followed by Communion.

To learn more about this Chipping Campden Church visit the website page here.

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