Stow Horse Fair Enquiry

Apr 27, 2021 | Community Announcements, News

Legal advice has been taken by the police, CDC and GCC. All agree that the Stow Fair is deemed to be “a gathering” for Coronavirus legislation. As a result the event cannot take place as the “rule of 6” or “two households” prohibits all gatherings exceeding these limitations up to the 17th May. There are exemptions to this and as a result Stow Fair possibly could be allowed to go head if the event was deemed to COVID secure and not a risk to public health. As it could be argued it is a business.

A very long story short it now appears almost certain that GCC (Public Health) will start instigating their powers to cancel Stow Horse Fair under the COVID Health Protection Legislation. This is as a result of the refusal of event organisers to co-operate in ensuring a COVID secure event.

Update 27/04:

There has been significant developments particularly in terms of co-operation from the organisers.  As a result we are all planning now for the event to go ahead on Thursday 13th May. The organisers have been in contact with CDC and GCC and have provided a risk assessment and event plan which is deemed acceptable. Local authorities will continue to work with event organisers leading up to the event to ensure the event can be held safely as possible. The police will continue as well to work with all involved and we will have our usual presence leading up to the event and on the day.

The decision to issue a direction (i.e. to cancel event) under COVID legislation was always one for public health which had to be proportionate to the risk. Public Health at GCC don’t believe the threshold has been met.

There will be messaging prior to the event from the local authorities to inform the public.

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