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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

May 5, 2021 | Community Announcements

Rain is forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend. After such a long and dry spell , British weather returns to norm.     But if you still go for that countryside walk, what will you see or hear

Farmers , probably saying there hasn’t been enough rain.    They are right.    April, well April up to this final week has only had 9% of rainfall.    Traditionally it should be a month of gradual warming combined with  soft gentle showers.   We can look at all the averages and historic data to guess what will occur in the coming months.  For example March yielded a record hot day . The last time such a record was made resulted in  July floods.   The year 1967.  Don’t worry – it’s just  statistics!

But if you look carefully at some of the crops,  you will notice thee is some yellow and browning on the leaves of the wheat and barley crops.   This is due to  stress.   (lack of water )   The plants should now be coming into a state when they look absolutely radiant and promising fruitful yields Or as the old saying goes – ‘in May a farm should look like a bride on her wedding day’  (i.e. crops both a bit too far forward or a bit backward – does not portend a good future)

We live in world markets,  and to be frank the price of Wheat as a base commodity has been somewhat all over the place.    The rain map of North America, showed quite a deficit – then it poured.  Price was on the up, then it went down.  Then someone looked at South America –  dry – price went up again.   Of  course,   one thing is certain China and USSR will always be forecast with brilliant yields !    In the UK we need  some rain , despite the Bank holiday.

So:  if you’re struggling to get back to base before you get absolutely soaked and you happen to see a farmer grinning like a Cheshire Cat.     It’s not you that is being laughed at,  it is relief that after a disastrous 2020 harvest,   it has now rained and perhaps there may be a reasonable harvest after all in 2021.

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