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The New Lockdown Rules: Effective June 1st

May 30, 2020

We are still in lockdown, but the restrictions are slowly being lifted.  Do not make the mistake of thinking we are going back to normal.  8,000 people a day are still becoming infected with the virus in the UK (read more here).  According to Gloucestershire Live, the R number (used to tell us how many people a person with COVID-19 infects) in Gloucestershire could be as high as 1.2 right now.  The messages have not at all been clear, and has left room for a lot of ambiguity, leaving many people confused by the Government’s statement and new lockdown rules announced on Thursday 28th May.

For this reason we have assembled the latest lockdown rules relating to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Effective from Monday, 1st June you will be allowed to do the following:

You Can Meet Up to Six People Outdoors

You will be allowed to meet up to 6 people in private outdoor spaces (for example gardens) but you must stay two metres apart.  You will only be allowed through someone’s house to access the garden and must remain outside at all times.  This means you can now potentially have BBQs and outside lunches with family.

Who Can You Meet Up With?

You can now meet people regardless whether they live with you or not.  This will therefore include family members and friends.  This also includes the over 70’s.  This means that children will be able to see their grandparents at the same time.

Who Is Excluded From the Latest Updates?

There are just over 1.5 million people who have been asked by the NHS to shield themselves because they are at particular risk.  They must continue doing exactly what they have been doing and avoid all contact.

Can We Now Meet in Groups Outside?

You can ow meet up to 6 people in outdoor spaces irrespective of whether you live with them or not.  You MUST keep 2 metres apart at all times.

Can We Meet Indoors Now?

No.  You must not go indoors in anyone’s home unless it is to reach the garden, but you must stay 2 metres apart.  You can use the toilet, but you must wash your hands thoroughly and literally wipe everything down afterwards to stop the potential spread.

Can People Stay Overnight?

No.  People must return home after gathering at houses.  You are also urged to not see people from too many households in quick succession.

Can The Police Get Involves?

Yes.  The police still have the power to fine or arrest  people if they are called to gatherings of more than 6.

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