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Things to Do While Walking

Mar 15, 2021 | Community Announcements

Noticed anything recently?

It is that time of year when the days start to lengthen more noticeably, but what about the bird song.

Have you noticed the change in tune?  A sure sign that spring is very much on its way.  Another noise not so well-received is that of gas guns regularly exploding throughout the day.  Either early sown spring or late winter crops are just beginning to poke through the soil.  This is like nectar to the crows and pigeons; their voracious appetites mean that a major part of the crop can be lost.  In the current climate of conserving nature this action looks like condemning all birds to starvation.

Rest assured there is plenty of other food within the fields for the birds to breakfast, lunch and sup upon.! The other thing to gladden the heart when out walking is the early lamb crops are now out in the fields. Some already ganging up and racing from point to point,. As usual a plea about dogs. The action of lambs gambolling in the fields is; so the animal behaviourists tell us; practise to avoid predators.

Your lovely pet dog would never become a predator, would it?  It just wants to play alongside the lambs. Seen by the sheep the dog is a predator.  They will take flight.  The natural instinct of the dog is to take chase.  The results can be pretty catastrophic. Unfortunately most sheep farmers know what it is like to pick up mauled and dying sheep and lambs, so please keep your dogs on a lead.

Enjoy your walk, the busyness of the birds making their nests and having time to sing about it. The emerging blossom and crops and of course the downside….the lawn needs mowing.

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