In response to questions from Chipping Campden Town Council with regard to the Cotswolds having the lowest detection rate for burglaries of any force in England and Wales, Gloucestershire Constabulary issued the following statement:

Karen Ellis, the Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for the Cotswolds said: “In the Cotswolds a lot of the burglaries are committed by organised crime groups who originate from both within Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas and the lack of ANPR in this area as well as the vast road networks means that it is harder than normal to detect these offences and identify those who were involved.

 “Although our detection rate seems low compared to other forces, we have actually seen a decrease in this figure compared to previous years.

 “We recently dismantled part of an OCG who had committed high value burglaries within the area following a successful cross border operation involving Thames Valley Police, West Midlands Police and West Mercia Police and this shows that we are putting all of our efforts into solving these crimes.

 “For the first time, shed/outbuilding breaks are included in these figures and in a rural area this will also affect the outcome figures.

 “The Cotswolds is a rural area so more crimes are likely to go undetected and you need to remember that an investigation into a burglary would be different compared to that of other crimes and I would like to reiterate that an investigation is only closed when all proportionate lines of enquiry such as forensic opportunities, house to house enquiries and CCTV gathering have been exhausted”.

 Garrett Gloyn, local Policing Sergeant for the Cotswolds said: “The Cotswolds is an affluent rural district that unfortunately attracts criminals who come to us from other parts of the county or region in order to partake in crime. These individuals are forensically aware, determined and difficult to apprehend.

 “For the relatively small number of burglars that do live in the Cotswolds we are as meticulous as possible, not only in seeking custodial sentences where necessary but also in pursuing all avenues to reduce the risk of re-offending.

 “This includes working with local social housing providers where offending in the area amounts to a breach of tenancy or by obtaining Criminal Behaviour Orders on local burglars effectively banning them from town centres at night.”