Council Services

The Council rents an allotment site at The Bratches, Aston Road from Gloucestershire County Council.  The site provides 31 full size allotments, some of which are split into half-size allotments for people who do not need a full-size allotment.  All the allotments are currently tenanted and the Council has a waiting list.  The annual rent which is payable on September 21st each year is £20 for a half-size allotment and £30 for a full-size allotment.  If you would like to go onto the waiting list for an allotment, please contact the Clerk, Jo Harrigan.

Chipping Campden Town Council Cemetery
The Town Council owns and maintains the cemetery at West End Terrace.  Due to its limited capacity only residents of Chipping Campden are permitted to be interred there and we regret that grave spaces cannot be reserved or pre-purchased.

St James’ Church Yard
Chipping Campden Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of St James Church yard.  In addition to arranging and funding the regular mowing and tree works in the Church Yard, The Town Council has undertaken repairs to the paths including laying the new path to the Lower Burial Ground and providing a hand rail and replacing the damaged paving stones in the main path from Church St to the main church entrance.

Seats, Bins and Lights.
Chipping Campden Town Council has provided and maintains all the seats, litter bins and dog waste bins in the Parish.  Some seats have been purchased with donations from residents who wish to remember a loved-one.  If you would like to sponsor the purchase of a seat or bin, please contact the Clerk, Jo Harrigan.  In addition, the Town Council has purchased street lights in the past which are maintained by Gloucestershire County Council. 

Grass Cutting
Although the grass verges in the Town are owned by Gloucestershire County Council, the Town Council takes responsibility for mowing a significant number of them to ensure that the centre of the Town is kept in a manner befitting such a beautiful and historic place.

Recreation Ground
As Sole Managing Trustee of the Playing Field and Recreation Ground Charity, Chipping Campden Town Council maintains the Playing Fields and Recreation Ground at George Lane and the Recreation Ground at Castle Gardens.  If you spot any problems with either area, please contact the Clerk, Jo Harrigan.

The Town Trust
As Sole Managing Trustee of the Town Trust, Chipping Campden Town Council owns and maintains the Town Hall, The War Memorial Green and The Market Square Car Park.  To hire the Town Hall please contact the Clerk, Jo Harrigan.

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