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Chipping Campden Community

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“The most beautiful village street now left in the island.”

G.M. Treveyan

A Thriving Community

Those that live in Chipping Campden appreciate not only the beauty of the town, but also the bustling life of the town and community. The shops, restaurants and other businesses play a major part and so do the 50 or so diverse associations, clubs and societies. Many will welcome visitors, and a full list is available from the tourist information centre located in the High Street.

Chipping Campden's Clubs and Societies

Chipping Campden’s four churches (C of E, Roman Catholic, Baptist and Quakers) are a focus for the community, as are charities such as The Chipping Campden Community Trust and Campden Society, whilst others cater for specific support needs like the Voluntary Help Group and Campden Home Nursing. Still more reflect the diverse interests of Campden’s inhabitant’s bridge, tennis, Scouts, Guides, hockey, football, drama, Campden History, bell ringing, bowls, music, badminton, flower arranging, golf, gardening, cricket, cinema, chess and even a debating society.