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The Chipping Campden Experience

St James Church

St James Church

About the Chipping Campden Church St James One of the most beautiful landmarks of Chipping Campden is the Chipping Campden Church of St James.  It is a grand early perpendicular wool church with its medieval altar frontals (c.1500), cope (c.1400) and vast and...

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Guild of Handicraft

Guild of Handicraft

Background to the Guild of Handicraft Chipping Campden has important links with the Arts and Crafts movement. In 1902, C.R. Ashbee set up his Guild of Handicrafts workshop in the old silk mill in Sheep Street.It now contains the last family business from those days...

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dovers games experience
scuttlebrook wake experience

Chipping Campden Festivals and Events

Throughout the year there are many festivals and events in Chipping Campden which include Dover’s Games and Scuttlebrook Wake, Literary Festival, Music Festival and lots more.  There is something for all the family.

Things to Do

Chipping Campden is set in beautiful Cotswold countryside.  You can go for long walks, visit historical buildings or experience numerous activities and National Trust locations.  There is so much to do.

things to do in chipping campden include walking
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Dover's Games

A unique annual event

Scuttlebrook Wake

Happening for over two hundred years

Visit Broadway Tower

A beautiful historic building unique to the Cotswolds