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Chipping Campden News

News relating to Chipping Campden and the local area

Keep informed with Local News relating to Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden Online is a resource for visitors to the Cotswold town and the local residents.  From the beginning, we have provided local news to keep people informed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Campden Online was the first local website to report the news and progression of the pandemic both locally, nationally and internationally.  During 2020 and beyond, it has become a sought after resource, and we have continued to provide our community news service.

We recently moved our local news service into our new Campden Online community site where you can sign up, add content and comment and respond to what’s happening in the town.  It is a great resource to find out what’s really happening locally.

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Local News, Discussions and Support

Join our ever growing online Chipping Campden community for the latest news, community events, polls and more..

Relax with the Campden Bulletin

Read the latest edition of the Campden Bulletin and collections of past editions. Campden Online enables the Bulletin to be read all over the world.

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