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The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam railway

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR) is a fundamentally volunteer-operated heritage railways tourist attraction located in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.
It offers a wide range of railway routes, utilizing part of the route of the former Great Western Railway’s main line from Birmingham to Cheltenham, which used to run through Stratford upon Avon.

The line runs between Cheltenham Racecourse (home to the Cheltenham Festival) and Broadway, through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the British Isles and is 15 miles in length.

The line commands serene views of the sleepy hamlets and villages, and scenic viewpoints of the Malvern Hills and far beyond.

GWSR Railway Stations

There are a number of stations along the route including:

Broadway Railway Station

Broadway Station is the newest station on the railway and is our northern terminus. It is located at the north-western  edge of the village, a fifteen-minute walk (roughly 1.5 kilometres) from the centre. The entire station has been constructed by volunteers in the style thereof, which was completely destroyed at the closing of the line.

Toddington Railway Station

Toddington Station is where the Locomotive Departments and North Gloucestershire Narrow Gauge Railway are located.

Hayles Abbey Halt Station

The Hayles Abbey Halt, similar to a number of former Great Western Railway stops, spells its name differently and is around 600 meters from Hayles Abbey. The halt is situated approximately half way between Toddington and Winchcombe stations. The only train that stops there is the diesel railcar which doesn’t run every day. You will need check the timetable for the day of your visit if you want to use the halt, click here. It is a convenient access point for entry to the Cotswold Way National Trail.

Grevel House

Please be aware that the railcar can only accommodate a maximum of 3 bicycles and then only if there are no wheelchairs on the train.

Winchcombe Station

Winchcombe Station is the official headquarters of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway and also serves as a hub for the Carriage & Wagon Department and the Railway’s Engineering Departments.

The original railway station in which the train derailed had to be completely demolished when the railway line shut down, and the building you see today was moved in lumber from Monmouth Troy and reassembled by our team.

Winchcombe is our hub for our educational events that they are currently concluding with the Tim Mitchell Building. In December Winchcombe Station is transformed into ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ for their special Christmas lights train.

Gotherington Station

The Gotherington Station has a platform of fewer than 30 feet both in length and in height, so if you would like to exit, please make one of the front two carriages of the train your destination. The original station is now a private home and the owner of the property does not allow entry.

Cheltenham Racecourse Station

The Cheltenham Racecourse station is close to the Cheltenham Racecourse, and our train line is considered to be the southern terminus of our own.

Not to be outdone by Great Western Railways, their station name is two words: ‘Cheltenham Racecourse”.  They have a protected status on the former trackbed which ran from Cheltenham Racecourse to Cheltenham Spa.

The booking office is at typical street level and is the oldest building ever assembled at Swindon. Nearby Platforms 1 and 2 are reached using a ramp, but an option for those with disabilities is also available.

Explore the Cotswolds in a Day with Shakespeare Coaches

Travelling on the GWSR

Except as otherwise noted, they ask that all guests abide by any guidelines that may be in place at the time of their visit to avoid infringing on other people’s sensibilities.

They offer the most sought-after tickets for pre-booking before travel, up to six months before the date of departure, for scanning from your own home, or for download on your mobile device. Pre-reserved e-tickets cannot be changed or transferred to another passenger.

Any pre-booked tickets can not be bought online after 8:30 am on the day of travel.  You will need to go to the station booking office where you wish to start your journey to buy tickets there.

Buying Tickets for the GWSR

Up to the day of travel, tickets can be purchased from our booking offices at Cheltenham Racecourse, Winchcombe, Toddington, and Broadway. You should always be aware that ticket purchase does not confer permission to sit in a particular seat.

About the GWSR

GWSR plc (Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway) operates the railway, which is owned by its shareholders.  The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Company (GWRR) was established in 2004 to bring together people interested in railway support.

The GWSR regularly distributes information to the railroad employees, but it pays nothing to personnel and should also have current membership in the GWRT (Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust).

The day-to-day operations and operations of the PLC and the Trust are the responsibility of the directors who are elected by their respective members (or shareholders). Coordination is facilitated by having directors who sit on both types of boards.

The National Trust

The personnel under the direction of the GWSR establish strategic goals for the railway and oversee the operations and volunteer staff.

The line was restored as far as Winchcombe in 1987, where the original Monmouth Troy station building was reconstructed.

In 1987 the line was restored as far as Winchcombe where the station was reconstructed using the former Monmouth Troy station building.

In 2021 the railway celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Train Layout

Trains will be operating with six-carriage cars, many of which will be closed wagons with limited accessible spaces and dining services.  Reservations aren’t identified for Group Bookings, but certain hot-spot areas are marked as restricted. They ask all guests to respect reserved spots.

Volunteering at the GWSR

Have you ever considered volunteering but are unsure of which position is perfect for you? Stop by and talk to their team to learn more about what volunteering is all about and what roles are currently available.  It is a great way to keep heritage rail going and to keep offering railways to tourism.

To find out more visit their website at

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